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University of Pittsburgh


“If you’re bored in Pittsburgh,” it has been said, “you’re just not paying attention.”

Family Fun



Family-friendly Pittsburgh is home to (among other affordable attractions):

Award-winning museums

Amusement parks

A world-class zoo, science center, aquarium, and aviary

Riverboat rides, inclines, and historical centers

...and other places of interest

Arts and Culture

Two of Pittsburgh’s native sons are memorialized at two of the city’s outstanding arts hubs: The Andy Warhol Museum and the August Wilson Center for African American Culture, respectively.

For more than a century, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra has been among the world’s finest.

From the classics to cutting-edge contemporary, arts and culture in Pittsburgh are flourishing. Music, theater, film, dance, opera, art exhibitions, literary readings—they’re all here.

And, in many cases, performances and exhibitions are inexpensive to attend. Or even free.

Check out Pitt’s Cool Pittsburgh site or visit Pittsburgh's Cultural District for links to dozens of arts organizations and a list of entertainment options by neighborhood.


The Pittsburgh Steelers, with their six Super Bowl rings. The Five-Time World Series-Winning Pirates. The Three-Time Stanley Cup Champion Penguins. And the University of Pittsburgh Panthers, with nine national college football championships.

They don’t call Pittsburgh the City of Champions for nothin’.

But other team sports—basketball, cricket, curling, rugby, and soccer among them—also are played in Pittsburgh.

And the city’s public golf courses, basketball and tennis courts, biking and pedestrian trails, rivers, and other athletic venues offer Pittsburghers of all ages and athletic levels opportunities to compete, work out, or just run around and have fun.

Check out Pitt’s Cool Pittsburgh site for information on the city’s sports and outdoor scenes.

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